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10 All time Best Seo Tips For your blog and website

10 All time Best Seo Tips For your blog and website
Everyone when start his new website he wants his website grown as fast as its can grown. But how its possible its need time everything needs time to grown if you give him proper time its will be grown fast yes can you believe it no no if you do not believe on that line you should think about your mind. Everything needs proper way for example if you buy a mobile and wants you mobile battery should work longer but in early few days its will work better but after few months its timing will be slow the reason behind is just simple that you use it in wrong way so its timing gone less. As your website needs some seo to come in more and more in search engines.
Here are some all time best seo tips even now in 2013 these will be helpful. You just need to focus your website seo and blog it will be helpful and your webpage will grow faster and comes more and more in search engines.

How to boost traffic in blog

10.Add free Email service:

How can get more traffic in blog

if you want more people come on your website just one thing always keep in mind if you provide unique things on your websites or blog more users will be come again. just one thing also in that things iS Free Email service. If you give better interference and privacy email atmosphere on your website. People will be comes on your website daily to check their email inbox. For example 100 email accounts registered on your website  then keep in mind that 100 visitors will be come daily on your blog and will be check their inbox and pass more time also when they write email its all contain time on your website and search engines keep focus on your visitor time so it will send also new visitors on your website.

9.Yahoo Groups:

Best seo tips in 2013
Discussion Forums ,message  board and also one other thing which attract people to join groups to get new things. The popular groups on internet are Yahoo groups. People joins groups and ask question for their problems. Every time one user ask question it goes in every one email inbox of member of that group. The person who can give answer of that question in proper way give him answer. Also you can share tips in group and people also add link in tips. It is best time for you to give link of your website so it will be attract people to visit your website.

8.Use easy name for domain name:

seo friendly blog tips
Always use easy name for your domain name.For example someone sit in internet cafe or in his office and he needs something what will he do just put his wanted keywords in any search engine and will be find his require problem solution. If he come at your website and after some days if he needs some solution after few days he will again come at your website if he remember your link but it will be remember if your domain name is easy and easy to remember. So always keep easy name and get more and more free real visitors.

7.Use minimum Graphics and Multimedia ::

Most wanted seo tips Do not miss them
Always use minimum graphics and multimedia in your website. its bad thing for you if any visitor come at your website and your website contain things which needs more time for loading and also they need more time to give you better environment. More people have low speed internet connections is will be very difficult for them to open your website. You design well but due to problem for low speed connection people they will not come again. So just use css in your website so it load in less time and easy for people to browse even they have low speed connection.

6. Be Avoid to use Flash and i frames:

Seo blogger tips and tricks
Always avoid to use flash and iframes in your website. The reason behind is just simple the search engine cannot read the things in I frames and it will difficult for him so search engine will be ignore your website and its not a good sign for your growing website. You always use things search engine friendly. So he can read and understand well your website data.

5. Add more people in Google plus circle:

How to attract people to your blog
If you want more and more original traffic on your website just follow one best tip.Google provide you free service to make  circle and add more free people in it. When you add people in your circle every time you add some new thing or update in it also share with your circle people they will never feel any tension and will be come at your website. This trick also can help and also you can give your traffic through that thing.

4. Facebook Groups:

Amazing seo tips in 2013
Nowadays most popular social media website is facebook. People join it to increase their community and worldwide friends then facebook also provide to join any group at facebook. You can search any group in which people are discuss on your topic also you can also add new post in group and people will be see your post and you will get new visitors. This thing also will be helpful in seo.

3.Add feedback form:

original traffic boost seo tips
add a feedback form in your website so user can give feedback about your website or have any query so he can ask anything from you. This thing also be very helpful and people will be come again and again. Give them answer as early as possible so they will not think that they come at dark website but think admin active and will be give answer of their query daily.

2.43Things website joining:

how can i get free traffic
Things 43 is a  major website and will be helpful in your seo. In that website people come and show their spirit about new year as for example i will not fight with my wife this year. i will leave cigarette this year if your spirit match with someone other you will be added in that types of group you can also give your website link with your spirit.

1. Add Tell a friend script in your website:

best seo tips for blogger
add tell a friend script in your website . This service given by website hosting company to his customers this script work is that people can share this website link easily with his friends and classmates. They will be add your website in best website and this script will be very helpful for your website. As people can share this link as when they click at tell a friend button one form will be open in that they will be enter friend email and your website advertisement just easy and will people share again and again if your website will be helpful.
This are 10 SEO best tips all time Do not miss these when you think about your website seo. Keep them in mind and these will be always a good things.
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