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What is SEO? How SEO works?

Hi welcome to new world of internet here today we are going to learn what is seo?seo is basically abbreviation of search engine optimization. Now a days it is so much much important seo. The reason behind is that if you want to get a lots of traffic on your website or blog you need to come your website in search engine. Its just name to come your website rank high in search engines.
what is seo?
What is seo?

Techniques of seo

There are many things which are come in mind when the seo word we call.
  • SEO is stands for search engine optimization.
  • SEO is name to come your website rank high in google.
  • SEO is also all of its techniques about to get it in search engines.
  • SEO is name to get high quality users from search engines.
  • SEO is name to get high alexa rank.

How Search engine optimize your website or blog

when we are talking about seo then question will be rise in our mind how our website come in search engines and how search engine optimize it. There are many things are comes in mind when we talk about how its work.


crawling can be defines as its name to fetch data from different webpages to website. Its work with a software as example google bot.


In second step name in index. its processing as it index all the fetch data links into a database from where later on we can retrieved data.In simple words we can its define some special keywords include in web pages and description in webpages.


next step is that when someone search anything in search engines then search engine send request to indexing web pages in database and match keywords or post data to those webpages which are indexing in database.

Calculation releavency

next step is that search engine start search in indexing web pages and if any of them related keyword present in indexing webpages and calculating the relevancy every word which present in indexing webpages in database.

Retrieving results

Last step is simple that its show best results which are according to your website and if your website contain these words it will show your website at the upper page and you will get more traffic.
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