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How to write a Business Letter

World is like a global village in which we are livings. In this world we need to contact with other persons. For contacting we use mobile phones , Email, and the most professorially used contact form is using letter. If you are manager of your company and want to contact other company manager how will you contact? You will write a letter to get some help or give some suggestion or want to tell him i want to visit your company or something other.
Always try to use request word in letter to get anything or want to visit company. This world will be very helpful at professional world.
We will start letter by writing sender,s address,

Sender,s Address:

first of all when you are going to write a letter you need to write address of senders at the top of the letter or mean at header. If you are not using letter head you can also write at the top of the page. Type senders address write correctly so no confusion remain after read it. Its will include street, city and zip code. Do not forget these necessary things.


After writing senders address put date at the right side of the letter. it will write below the address. put date correctly. Type date in this format just look below and checkout example.
example: February 27,2013. 

inside address:

inside address is that thing you need to put it correctly . if you have no idea about sender person just type Dear Sir or Mrs Mr. Use the name of person profession also. If you are writing letter to person whom is doctor put Dr. People oftentimes known about their will be very helpful thing for you.
Salutation. If you are writing letter to international country then put country name in capital letters at the end of address.


Use the same name as you used it in the inside address. If you are not sure about gender of person just put Dear SIR/MADAM. Also you can put person family name by using colon. 


 The main thing and main purpose of writing letter is body in which you want to do some request to other person is body. Always divide body in some paragraphs. In first paragraph write about yourself and how you get his/her contact address or contact email find out. Write some sentences in respect of his/her. Told about yourself. In next paragraph tell about your vision and what want of thing you want. Write it in details. Do not write your vision in short form. This paragraph will also tell him or her about your way of describing.
In next paragraph put what he or her can help your. Give him request and try to put words in such form he do not fell any confusion. In last paragraph tell him your vision in short term and request him.


The closing will be write as same vertical point as your date. And one line after the paragraph.
Put some capitalized word for example as (Thank you). Put four lines between closing and senders signature  name.


Its that thing which you attach with your letter . Attachment also be in form of any document which you attach along with your letter. Put all names of our attachment in list and list a good idea if you want to aware recipient read every document out names in list.

 That are things you must known about them to write a professional letter.

Here some business letters samples as a examples

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