Monday, February 11, 2013

how to make an animations

How to make an  animations?it is very popular question and a lots of people search about it but today i am share with you a good make animated gif software.


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here i make  a complete tutorial enjoy it.




MerGe VeRtiCally AniMation 

Z00M and RoTate 0ut AnimaTioN

Fade In AniMaTion

Zoom In AniMaTion

Bouncer AniMaTion

Flash AniMaTion

Type AniMatioN

Z00M 0UT AniMaTioN

MerGe HoRiZaNtallY AniMatioN

Z00M And Rotate In AniMatioN

Now Two Type Of AniMation Mean 1 FROM 1 SIDE AND 2ND FROM 0THER side as shown in last Screen SHot

Drop And Type AniMation

Download Easy gif animator portable

I think you will be enjoy it please comments about my effort.

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