Tuesday, February 19, 2013

How to improve blog page rank?

Now a days a lots of people in search how can they promote thier blog and how thier blog goes top in rankings. For it they can how do some tricks and thier blog will promote within few weeks.

how to get blog high page rank?

Facebook plugin

First of all when you form blog add facebook plugin in your blog and add new widget for it. Copy code from facebook which facebook devote free and add this box in yoour website. Do not try to get facebook likes by spammers and do not try takes facebook likes by adding some websites which gives you free likes. Just try to get them by adding some quality content on your blog. When your facebook likes will increase your blog page will be comes in search most and your blog promotion will be increase within few months.

Tweet your blog posts

When you make blog also make a twitter account if you have not already. Then every time you post at your blog you should tweets it. And its will also be a very useful trick to increae your pagerank. Do some good tweets except your blog posts. Do not try to get twitter followes by gettinbg spammy ways. Its will also increase your blog pagerank.

Get Quality backlinks

This is a very useful tips to increase quality of your blog. Get quality backlinks and its will be very helpful to increase your blog rank. Post comments on high pagerank websites and also post on high page forums. its will also increase reputation of your blog. Do not spamming on others websites. If your blog have high page ranks websites backlinks your alexa reputation will be increase and alexa will treat with your website in good manner. And your blog will promote within few months.

Add blog link on social websites

Its very useful tip you could not know advantages of that tips thier are a lots of high page rank social websites just signup thier and add your blog link its will be very helpful tip to increae your blog reputation do not try to add people without recognization just form your profile cute by adding your skills and your qualities. Thier are a lots of high page rank social wrbsites just like as delecious, stumleupon, and so on. This is a very useful way to getting high page ranks. 

Add your blog link in directory

adding your blog link in high page directory websites thier are a lots of websites which are offering to add your page in thier directory. just signup and add thier blog link in specific directory. Try to add in local directory websites. It is not a bad idea to get backlinks by adding your websites in directory and get high page rank. A lots of people visite directory websites and get thier specific website.
These are the tips to increase your blog page will get high rank.
I think you will like it.
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